Monday, October 29, 2012

GoRaw! & Laptop Lunchbox #20!

Happy Monday ya'll! Hope your a little warmer then me
this morning! Gotta love walking to class when it's 39 degrees!
But, on a happier note, last week I was so excited to check my mail
and receive my awesome GORAW! <-click Package!!
Seriously, so many items! All natural, raw ingredients
you know and can actually pronounce! 

Even Braxton liked them! He decided he wanted
to sneak one of the granola bars when I wasn't watching him!
Found him under my desk trying to open my pumpkin granola bar!
Sneaky little puppy! I haven't tried them all but you should check them out!

Laptop Lunchbox #20

2 Cups Romaine Blend Salad
1 Romano Tomato
1 Serving 2TBS Light Italian Dressing
Feta To Top
1/2 Cup Deer Sausage
1/2 Peach

Since Halloween is on a Wednesday we decided to
celebrate this weekend! The cold front came just in time too!
Lots of Halloween Cupcakes!
Loved going to the pumpkin patch and seeing all of the
little kids so excited about getting to pick their own pumpkin!
After the pumpkin patch Ryy&I decided to carve the
ones we bought & had a contest to see which was better!
He won.. by a sad landslide of 6-1 :( My poor Frankenstein!
Hope everyone had a perfect halloween weekend!
AL <3

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