Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Patsy's Potato Soup!

 Alike yesterday's Pumpkin Bread (<- click), I was
still in the "fall mood" since all of the rain and cool
weather crept in this weekend! It's been so perfect!
&that is why October is always my favorite month!
(doesn't hurt its my birthday month too!!)
After my shopping spree trip to target to get only soup bowls,
and a new table set of plates, bowls, some heels, and
a new umbrella, we decided to sit outside & enjoy the pretty day!
& since weather was so nice we had to have a (mini) photo shoot!
Look at that precious pup smiling & posing!
But to the point of the perfect weather, it needed
some delicious, warm, and healthier potato soup!

Patsy's Potato Soup!


Calories: 210 Per Cup
6 Potatoes With Skins
1 Package Mild Italian Sausage
*Mom Uses 2 Packages
1 Cup 2% Milk
*Mom Uses Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Onion
3 TBS McCormick Italian Herb Grinder
2 TBS McCormick Italian Perfect Pinch SF
1 TSP Oregano
Salt & Pepper To Taste
*Mom Adds 2 TBS Butter

Start by removing the skins and completely browning your
Italian Sausage. *It's best to brown them in the pot you
plan to boil your potatoes so you get alllll of the great flavor!
While the sausage is browning, slice or cube the potatoes
into desired thickness. Be sure to leave them at least 1" cubes
or ~1/2" slices so they don't all disintegrate while boiling.
As well as chop or slice the entire onion into preferred size bites.
Drain the grease from the sausage and put into a small bowl.
Add potatoes, onion, all of your seasoning and enough water
to cover the potatoes.Bring potatoes to a boil and let them
cook until soft.~20 minutes just keep checking until
they are soft. *I like to add 1/3 of the sausage during the
boiling process to get more of the flavor throughout the
soup. After potatoes are cooked to preference, add all of the
 sausage, as well as 1 cup of 2% milk to give it a creamier texture.
Simmer for about 15-30 more minutes to bring back up the temperature.

AL <3


  1. About how many servings would you say this recipe makes? It sounds GREAT! I'm very excited to try it!

    1. Thank you so much MrsCosmo!! I made 10-1 cup portions! I can't wait to hear if you liked it!! Thanks for the lovely comment!