Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Laptop Lunchbox #21 & Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!
Hope y'all all have fun plans for tonight!
Seriously.. is that not the cutest dragon you've ever seen?!
Luckily my apartment complex is having a pet costume
contest so I can show off his cuteness enter him in it...
No but seriously.. no one stands a chance!

Laptop Lunchbox #21

2 Cups Of Romaine Lettuce
1/3 Of a Cucumber
1 Serving Light Italian Dressing
Feta To Top
2 Homemade Salmon Patties
^Click For The Recipe ^
1 Orange
Also would like to remind everyone to keep the East Coast
in their prayers with the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy!
Sending lots of prayers to everyone and hope they are safe & with their family! 
My boyfriend is on his way there for work to help repair the aftermath,
He's been sending pictures all morning, such a pretty drive up the east coast from Texas!

<3 AL

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