Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oven Roasted Cabbage & Laptop Lunchbox #18

I cannot believe its only Wednesday!!
The week goes by so slow whenever your birthday
is on a Thursday! YES! 21 tomorrow! Happy girl!
However.. someone else isn't as thrilled as me..
Poor sleepy puppy!

So excited for a birthday spend with my sweet friends,
boyfriend, and family this week & weekend!
Not to forget a perfect bridal shower!
Since I know this weekend will be full of lots of food
I knew I needed to keep my lunches full of veggies!

Oven Roasted Cabbage

1 medium head of cabbage
2 Slices Of Bacon
~3 TBS Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper To Taste

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees, and start preparing the cabbage.
Remove the two outer leaves, and then wash thoroughly.
Slice in about 1/2-1 inch thickness so all of the oils can absorb into the
cabbage and soften the leaves. Drizzle the olive oil to coat the top
of all the rounds, add cooked chopped bacon, salt and pepper. *the next
time I make this which I will it was amazing! I will probably try
wrapping them in foil to get more moist, soft leaves. Bake for about 30
minutes on 425, then turn down to 350 for an additional 20 if the leaves
 aren't soft enough. I believe the foil will cut down on cooking time as well!

Laptop Lunchbox #18


1 Serving Oven Roasted Cabbage
2 Homemade Salmon Patties
^Click For Recipe^
1 Cup Baby Carrots
1 Serving Garlic Hummus

AL <3


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