Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Oatmeal & Laptop Lunchbox #11

Thank gosh my last test of the week is OVER!
I don't think I'll ever understand why every teacher
decides to have their exams on the same week/day!!
Okay..okay.. enough of my rant. Now on to this adorable
little beggar! Since he is my first puppy to ever own,(besides
our family dog that just passed away recently at 14 years :(  )
 I did not want to give him table scraps because they get so
darn annoying (see begging picture below)! My Mom always makes
fun of me for feeding Brax veggies & fruit as "table food",
but hey! at least he'll be healthy and it's not as good as chicken!

Braxton Begging For Broccoli!


More Almond Pumpkin Oatmeal!

See my post from yesterday for the recipe!

Laptop Lunchbox #11


(half the apple and my pb2
 were my snack for the day)
1 Serving (2 TBS) Of BP2
1 Gala Apple
1 8oz Serving 2% Colby Jack Cheese
1/2 Cup Of Sauteed Onion & Bell Pepper
1 Italian Sausage Link

AL <3

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