Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lara Bars & Laptop Lunchbox #4

Yesterday afternoon while I was fighting the urge
to take a nice, relaxing nap after I got home from work
I decided to try one of my newest purchases, a LARABAR. <-(click)
After finding out all about them on their website, ^ I decided I wanted
to buy a few while I was at Sprouts over the holiday weekend. I am so
happy I did!! The bar I tried yesterday, "Lemon Bar" <-(click) was the
perfect combination of chewy, sweet, and tangy! & To add, I absolutely
 love the fact that this product only contains necessary ingredients!
The Lemon Bar's only ingredients are dates, cashews, almonds, and real lemons.
You can't tell me you'd rather eat some grocery store granola bar with tons of
added sugar and ingredients you have never heard, much less can even pronounce.
& Although these bars might turn you off due to calorie count and fat grams
They are soo filling and kept me full&focused to get through all of my
20 page article & start setting up my presentation, when otherwise I would
have been struggling to keep my eyelids open, and me out of my bed!

Egg Salad & Salad

For today's lunch I decided on Egg Salad, Salad, some fruit, and Chobani yogurt.
The Chobani will count as my snack for the day since I'm staying later
to work on a group presentation. Given that I have breakfast at 7:00am,
work until 11:00, and have class until 2:00 or 3:00 I need something
to  keep me full and my brain focused during my classes.

(140 of that is chobani)
My Eggsalad <-
1 Peach
1 Strawberry Chobani
1/2 Cup Of Spinach
~3 Broccoli Florets
2 Cucumber Slices
2 TBS Light Raspberry Vinaigrette


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